27 May 2010

really? 36,750,000 gallons?

friends ~
if you sprung a leak in a pipe in your kitchen you wouldn't just let the water keep coming, wouldya?  you'd turn off the main or wrap some duct tape around it and get 'er done.  you wouldn't just open the back door and let the water run out into the street.  

this oil spill has been going on for over five weeks!   and spilling up to 25,000 barrels each day (exxon valdez was appx 262k barrels total). shall i do the math for you?  for a five week period, that would total 875,00 barrels so far.  did i mention that there are 42 gallons in an oil barrel?  more math for you - 36,750,000 gallons.  thirty six million seven hundred and fifty thousand gallons.  i don't even want to think about how many liters that would be.   it's not quite as many gallons as there is water in lake superior or as many stars as in the milky way, but it's a shit ton.  A SHIT TON OF OIL IN THE OCEAN.

those of you who think the government should be taking control of the situation are typically the folks who think that there should be less government, so when you start complaining about obama not doing enough, think about THAT.  and no matter what the government does, it's going to be criticized.

there is currently a suspension on new drilling in the arctic and i don't have the answer for how we should power our overly-consumptive world.  nor do i know how much good signing a petition does,  but think about the pretty and edible fish and the people who make their living off of said fish, the disappearing polar bears, the beautiful beaches and coral reefs where you vacation, our oh so important ecosystem. 

thank you for listening.

i'd be interested in hearing your thoughts, rants, comments on this issue....

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amy said...

get out your tissues - this makes me cry.

the ‘spill’ happened on april 20. um, IT'S JUNE 4 and the problem continues!
There are over 400 different species of animals living in the area affected by the spill. 253 sea turtles and 29 dolphins have been found dead within the spill area (NOAA).

check out this site to get a visual representation of just how much oil has been expelled from the well.


there are also some suggestions on this site of things you can do to help, in addition to boycotting bp