07 January 2010

resolve to evolve - my intentions for 2010

i'm inspired by the turning of the page, the freshness of a new year. cliche it may be, but it works for me. and twenty-ten brings with it a new decade and i'm planning on it being my best 10 years ever! i wish the same for you.

my vision of the coming year(s)
i will cultivate my relationships with myself and my tribe with:

and an open heart.

i will recognize our connectedness.

i will ask "what can I give, how can I serve, and what can I offer?"

i will keep learning and growing my yoga practice (aka life!)

i will know that i deserve the good things.

i choose to believe in all that can be.

please reduce/reuse/recycle/rejoice

airing of grievances from festivus party 2009

here are the grievances posted on the pole at our festivus/ugly sweater party this year.

the pole

the pole party favors


"i'll have a double tall mocha breve latte non-fat skiny sugar free hazelnut 1/2 caff macchiato. oh yeah and leave room for cream. iced. to go."

people who think ventriloquists are funny

when he never calls you back

why is it wrong to drink at work?

all of you that have let me down

jerk-offs who don't know how to merge

park rats with their baggy clothes, headphones and 'sorry, brah's' - no thanks

i hate when the goddamn customers order drinks when i'm bartending.

grocery checkers who want to put my groceries in plastic bags and then put them inside my reusable bags

that chocolate has calories

cellphones (and other technology that i don't use)

hello!? turn signal!

pets don't live as long as you do

can't drink (much) at work

sign says 'yield' not 'stop'

not everyone is interested in your blessings

those damn blue collar tweakers

it makes me mad when you piss in the living room

audi drivers who ruined the audi driving experience for the rest of us

always at the bottom of the pole.