16 July 2010

phriday filosofy - please reduce/reuse/recycle/reflect!

Watch your thoughts, for they become words,
Watch your words, for they become actions,
Watch your actions, for they become habits,
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

~buddha? unknown? sometimes attributed to Frank Outlaw?
trivial?  i think not!
in 1945 on this day, the first atomic bomb exploded New Mexico.
moonwalk! no, not michael jackson - neil armstrong and buzz aldron in 1969.

guess who has a birthday this week?!
the popcorn king
nobel peace prize winning president of the country where the world cup was held
the sun also rises - grandfather of mariel

14 July 2010

a public declaration of love on 14 july twenty-10 (this is new for me)

(please read in french accent - today is bastille day, in addition to being karl's birthday)
mon amour, karl ~
my heart led me to you, without reservation.
profound, yet subtle.
it's amazing how you can speak right to my heart, even when you say nothing at all.
such a beautiful space we've created for expression and non-judgement

you are water  (want)

i am fire (plenty)
the moon reflects the light of the sun, together we are an ineffable, magic collaboration of balance - wonder twin powers, activate!
(just in case - ineffable - ideas that cannot be expressed in words - too great to abstract)

thank you for being best buddies, reliable, trustworthy and trusting, so very giving, not taking us for granted, respectful, passionate, communicative (things i've never dreamed i would find a reason to talk about with anyone). 
tu es très beau.  et les baisers ~ mon dieu!

and thank you for being born.
je t'aime~

13 July 2010

morning commute ala bukowski....

the finger

by Charles Bukowski
the drivers of automobiles
have very little recourse or
when upset with
they often give him the

I have seen two adult
florid of face
driving along
giving each other the

well, we all know what
this means, it's no

still, this gesture is
so overused it has
lost most of its

some of the men who give
the FINGER are captains of
industry, city councilmen,
insurance adjusters,
accountants and/or the just plain
no matter.
it is their favorite

people will never admit
that they drive

the FINGER is their

I see grown men
FINGERING each other
throughout the day.

it gives me pause.
when I consider
the state of our cities,
the state of our states,
the state of our country,
I begin to

the FINGER is a mind-
we are the FINGERERS.
we give it
to each other.
we give it coming and
we don't know how
else to respond.

what a hell of a way
to not
"The Finger" by Charles Bukowski, from Bone Palace Ballet. © Black Sparrow Press, 2002.

12 July 2010

april 20th- was that, like, 82 days ago or something?

i've decided to quit being angry and sending out negative vibes about the oil spew and concentrate on the positive.  this means not watching the tantrum-inducing live cam, not reading the statistics about how long since it started and how many bajillion gallons of oil have polluted the ocean or how many animals have died. 

it means focusing on solutions and putting positive energy into the universe for how to reduce our dependence on oil and how to cap that mother.
here are some things we can do NOW:
No longer buy bottled water! (If you have a party and need cases of bottled water, just put filtered tap water in a glass pitcher with ice, fruit and mint leaves and serve with reusable cups)

Remember plastics are made from oil so please be aware of plastic packaging when purchasing items and always choose the options with the least amount if possible.

Carpool or ride a bike when possible!

Be aware of product ingredients in everything you purchase. So many things contain petroleum - who knew?!

Remember to choose organic, locally grown produce when possible.

reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink 

01 July 2010

that crazy, all-knowing universe!

dear universe~

how do you do it?  how do you make me feel so special and unique, whilst taking care of everyone and everything in your domain?

everyday i am in awe of being given precisely what i need by you - in the form of an insightful email from my teacher, a glimpse of my capacity to love and be loved, a fellow compassionate's daily blog post, a warm hug, a doggie tongue kiss, a check in the mail, a bird in the sky, a green lights all the way home commute, a belly laugh, a cleansing breath.

thank you for always having my best interest at heart and showing me that everything is happening in a way that benefits my highest good.

in all encompassing love & gratitude~