13 August 2010

pf and planetary alignment

phriday filosofy is now living in it's own space.

and i'm no astronomer, but it seems to me that the planets are in the house of 'RUDE'
i hope when mercury goes retrograde next week that things will shift.
i've had a few disturbing experiences lately, like when i slipped on a piece of ice in a fast casual restaurant at lunch and fell down and two different men just stepped over me.  no 'are you okay?'  'let me help you up, lady in a dress' - nothing!
and then i walked into a smoothie place (rhymes with samba deuce) and the girl behind the counter said, 'well, i guess we're not getting a break' , for which i apologized for intruding and she said 'just tell me what you want'.  luckily you can watch them prepare your stuff, or i might have worried that my coming in to the business to spend some money would have warranted me a spit smoothie.
i could go on, but let's focus on the positive, shall we?  what sweet gesture can you make today toward someone?  (whether you are in the mood or not and especially if they are impolite to you first)  a compliment?  an open door?  a heartfelt 'thank you'?

and a namaste to you!

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