22 December 2010

thank you

i LOVE this sentiment and it reminded me of my tribe, so although i did not write these words, i echo the gratitude for the inspiration you all provide me and the world each day.

i am just another you
and so to us
i bow~


winter treeTO ALL OF YOU beautiful people, around the world who wake up in the morning determined to do the inner work, to serve others, to raise healthy, happy families, to write inspiring poems, to paint images that stir the soul, to lift up those who are struggling, to heal the ailing, to sit with the dying, to laugh at the troubles before you, to sing great songs, to pray, to meditate, to be humbled by the magnificence of life, to protect Mother Earth, to dance, to be strong, to find the gift in every moment (no matter how difficult), to see the God in All, to be consciously conscious and, most of all, to live a compassionate life with every inhale and every exhale you are granted on this earth.... We, at Yogamint, send you blessings for an unparalleled year of abundant peace, love, light & JOY!

Now, go give someone (or a whole lot of someones) a big, fat hug!

Celebrate Life & Keep It Fresh!
The Yogamint Crew

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