26 April 2010

can't sit still - don't make me.

i am in downtown seattle for a training class - advanced dimensional modeling.  the instructor is engaging, funny and knowledgeable, which is great for a geek class - doesn't happen often.  she reminded me of meryl streep in her speech and mannerisms. 

i decided to put myself in the front row, so i would stay focused.  i did, however, choose front row next to the window. so i kinda screwed myself on the focus thing. especially since there was a shoe store within view on this bustling downtown street! 

a customer here at my current job once said, 'You have way too much personality to work in a stuffy office environment.  It must be really hard for you!'   boy, was he right.   i do like to interact with (most) people and gosh darnit, why shouldn't we have some fun at work?  i tried to find a balance in my training class, as i was having to sit still and pay attention for multiple days.  i made some acquaintances and had someone to share a knowing smile with when the instructor made a faux pas.  (like when she mentioned a student named virginia splooge!)  there was also a grand piano in the lobby of the conference center and i had to make a concerted (get it?  concerted?) effort to not sit down and play.  shameless, but harmless, as my friend lynn says......

seattle has quite a diverse population, which is evident in my class of 35 attendees.  i have met (and lunched with) fellow data geeks from india, ireland, russia, norway,  poland, great britain, canada and china.  one classmates nametag read 'Ole Tom'.  i asked him if it was ol' tom or ole'! tom.  turns out it was neither - more like olly, but he was amused by ole! tom, which some spanish flair hand movements.  there was another gentleman in class by the name of jasper and he looked like a jasper (see bad drawing to right - he was really much more distinguished looking than i could depict).

at the end of the day i found an unsuspecting geek/partner in crime to accompany me to le diner.  we had a most lovely french gastronomic experience at le pichet.  on the way to the restaurant, a fairly 'normal' looking young man approached me with arms wide open.  i looked at him and said 'hug?' and he said 'yes please', so we exchanged hugs and toothy smiles for making such a random friendly connection with a fellow being. 

i managed to stay mostly on task today, but i look forward to what tomorrow brings me in seattle!

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