13 April 2010

the silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload

monday ain't such a bad day after all!
typically my monday theme song is the boomtown rats, tell me why i don't like mondays, and i'm known for quoting the movie, office space, 'awww, someone's got a case of the mondays'.  i start coming down with my 'case of the mondays' on sunday evening.  i know, i know, i need to change my attitude, but i work for my weekends and enjoy them to their fullest and juiciest. the thought of heading back into a full week of work just brings me down.  and no holidays until may 31!

so this monday changed my mind, at least for this week.  here's why:
  1. the spring day was sunny and warm (but not hypo-allergenic)
  2. my boss and my boss' boss were out of the office
  3. i went for a nice mid-morning walk in the park across from my building
  4. my boyfriend got mostly divorced  (this is huge!  muy bueno humongo!)
  5. free lunch - nice salad and gooey chocolate cake
  6. out of work early and home to my handsome man (in his speedo!) for some backyard lounging in the sun and some good lovin'  (yeah, the swimsuit turns me on)
  7. motorcycle ride to mexican food (nothing makes me feel more sexy than wrapping my arms and legs around my strong manly man -btw- he was wearing pants now -  on the back of a bike)
  8. daddy k wired and installed reading lights on either side of our new king size bed 
  9. snuggled on the couch with the dog and watched 2/3 of inglorius basterds (feeling a little ambivalent about it though - not as riveting as i had hoped)
  10. mmmmm bed
the day could have been even better had we squeezed in yoga, too, but sciatica prevented that from happening.  i really didn't want this monday to end - i delayed turning off my new bedside light and tried to keep us awake - chatting, joking, planning, pondering -  as long as possible......


Rage said...

If only all Monday's could be so sweet :)

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