12 July 2010

april 20th- was that, like, 82 days ago or something?

i've decided to quit being angry and sending out negative vibes about the oil spew and concentrate on the positive.  this means not watching the tantrum-inducing live cam, not reading the statistics about how long since it started and how many bajillion gallons of oil have polluted the ocean or how many animals have died. 

it means focusing on solutions and putting positive energy into the universe for how to reduce our dependence on oil and how to cap that mother.
here are some things we can do NOW:
No longer buy bottled water! (If you have a party and need cases of bottled water, just put filtered tap water in a glass pitcher with ice, fruit and mint leaves and serve with reusable cups)

Remember plastics are made from oil so please be aware of plastic packaging when purchasing items and always choose the options with the least amount if possible.

Carpool or ride a bike when possible!

Be aware of product ingredients in everything you purchase. So many things contain petroleum - who knew?!

Remember to choose organic, locally grown produce when possible.

reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink 

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