14 July 2010

a public declaration of love on 14 july twenty-10 (this is new for me)

(please read in french accent - today is bastille day, in addition to being karl's birthday)
mon amour, karl ~
my heart led me to you, without reservation.
profound, yet subtle.
it's amazing how you can speak right to my heart, even when you say nothing at all.
such a beautiful space we've created for expression and non-judgement

you are water  (want)

i am fire (plenty)
the moon reflects the light of the sun, together we are an ineffable, magic collaboration of balance - wonder twin powers, activate!
(just in case - ineffable - ideas that cannot be expressed in words - too great to abstract)

thank you for being best buddies, reliable, trustworthy and trusting, so very giving, not taking us for granted, respectful, passionate, communicative (things i've never dreamed i would find a reason to talk about with anyone). 
tu es très beau.  et les baisers ~ mon dieu!

and thank you for being born.
je t'aime~

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barbara said...

Happy birthday dear friend. I am thankful to you for bringing love and happiness into my good friend Amy's life and your friendship into mine. I am richer for it.
Wishing you the grandest of years,